Mehndi is the art of applying Henna on the body. It is a beautiful form of temporary body decoration. Mehndi is a traditional form of decoration for both men and women in countries such as India, Morocco, and Pakistan. It is generally used for special occasions, particularly weddings.

Mehndi Creations are a new generation of artists, using unique techniques together with natural ingredients for the mehndi, to add depth to its colour for your special occasions to last for days to come.

What Is Mehndi

Henna is a small shrub called Hawsonia inermis, and is found in Iran,India,Pakistan, Egypt, and North Africa. The young leaves and twigs are ground into fine powder, then mixed with water and applied on the hands, feet and hair to give them a reddish-orange color. The henna mud mixture can be applied in beautiful patterns with a mehndi Pen.

Our Mehndi Services:

Bridal hands & feet

Bridal hands only

Simple design


* We take group booking for wedding & Parties

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" It was nice experience i can recommend to everyone. The pedicure was absolutely amazing and the hairtraitment was nice as well! Thanks a lot! "


" I used waxing service, it was quick and pleased with results. "

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