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Jean d’Estrees “Paris”

Synergessence – is a method of face and neck aesthetic skin care developed by the laboratories of Jean d’Estrees to obtain a unique beauty result. This Revolutionary ‘made-to-measure treatment’ are custom made skin care treatments for Oily or Combination skin, for Dehydrated skin, for Sensitive skin, Dry skins and Anti-ageing care skins. Solutions are combined with a ‘double layer mask’ manually massaged with spatulas to smooth out the features, maximise moisturization and for total relaxation. exclusive facials

Luxury Elixir Or Gold Facial

A complete luxury anti-ageing response, containing real gold and crushed pearls to remineralise and restructure the skin. The skin is firm and plumped Up. The skin becomes luminous and radiant, the face regains youthfulness and the complexions glows with beauty.

3D-Rides “Botox like Effect”

A high-performance face and neck salon treatment inspired by dermatology. To protect, remove creases, remove wrinkles and achieve a more readiant complexion. This premier luxurious Anti-wrinkle treatment that gives a ‘Botox-Like Effect’ thanks to an intense caviar mask. The results of this treatment are particular spectualrs:

  • The skin is replumped
  • Wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • Tissues are toned
  • •Complexion is radiant
  • Skin is softer
  • Skin is visibly younger

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" It was nice experience i can recommend to everyone. The pedicure was absolutely amazing and the hairtraitment was nice as well! Thanks a lot! "


" I used waxing service, it was quick and pleased with results. "

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